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Actualizado el 11/03/2022

  • Stable project with hight potential
  • Team coordination of 10 people

Acerca de nuestro cliente

Important company with high growth potential


We are looking for an IT manager to lead the different technological projects in which the company is immersed.

The person we are looking for would have to lead a team of 10 developers who are located in India.

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Hard Skills:

  • Experience specifically in technology project management. (Technology is a bit particular than other project management and IT teams are very particular in their structure - agile/scrum processes)experience with management platforms, such as Jira, and experience with process/project
  • English/spanish - This will be necessary for your operations and helpful to move quicker amongst the various teams
  • Minimal understanding of integrations API etc

Soft Skills:

  • Organization - extreme organization the ability to take complex projects break it down into smaller operational tasks. Project Managers help ground the vision.
  • Detail-oriented
  • Proactive and Agile - There will be deviations of the schedule, and need someone who finds a quick solution and implements it.
  • Intrapersonal skills (Communication, Empathy, Active Listening) - More than project managers we are people managers, so at the end of the day, it is important to gain the trust, respect, and rapport with the entire team to make sure that they coordinate their work and follow direction.
  • Ability to manage expectations - this goes in both directions- managing the expectations of the staff as well as management. The project manager can foresee burnout and can foresee delays -- both for the sake of the IT team and management they need to be honest, forthcoming, and manage the expectations of both parties.
  • Responsible and Confident- the project manager should have some capacity to make decisions - this will help move the project forward, of course, with making decisions comes the task of taking responsibility for those decisions and defending them.
  • Enjoys multi-tasking, the project manager will probably have many days where they are bouncing in and out of various projects - this job is for someone who enjoys a fast and dynamic atmosphere, not for someone who enjoys the stability of knowing what their day will look like.
  • Accessible. The project manager really needs to be the eyes and ears of the project, which means the candidate should be available to listen and discuss projects on a regular basis.
  • Team-oriented

Qué ofrecemos

  • Salary based on experience and qualifications
  • Stable contract
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