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  • We offer a 9-month project at a leading Digital company
  • Mandatory highly skilled Google Ads Specialist

¿Dónde vas a trabajar?

Our client is one of the Big Five companies in the American information technology industry that specialises in Internet-related services and products, which include online advertising technologies, a search engine, cloud computing, software, and hardware.

¿Qué harás en tu nuevo puesto?


  • Help develop customer strategy with multiple approaches, leveraging data on client performance against target, enabling longer-term opportunities.
  • Identify and recommend new processes, procedures, and methods for sales strategy development and opportunity sizing with foresight to anticipate and address future needs.
  • Navigate a diverse set of customers from multiple verticals/sub-verticals and proactively develop multiple approaches to pursue and close deals before setbacks occur.
  • Lead a key cluster/region initiative by clearly defining scope and OKRs to drive impact outside of the core.
  • Share best practices/sales strategy development, and proactively seek cross-market and global collaboration opportunities.


  • Influence across teams and teams with similar objectives to address customer needs and close deals, bringing a cohesive "OneGoogle" solution to customers.
  • Utilise rich relationships, internally and externally, offering support and direction to team members.
  • Influence senior stakeholders, lead C-level pitches, and autonomously develop high-impact strategic narratives.
  • Manage primary relationships with customers, acting as a key point of contact for customers/agencies around all key areas (e.g., training, product enhancement, global/regional campaigns).
  • Guide the integration of multiple adjacent opportunity/project goals and objectives.
  • Support multi-region and cross-product relationships and develop strategy to proactively drive customer growth.
  • Support inter-connectivity across sales teams, in alignment with business needs and strategies.
  • Drive continuous improvement in sales processes.


  • Utilise comprehensive knowledge of supported industry or vertical and Google's product and technology developments.
  • Exercise comprehensive knowledge of translating client business models/needs into revenue opportunities.
  • Start to become a thought leader of Google products and competitive landscape through stretch projects and advanced training (e.g., Sales Mastery Black Belts, 20% projects).
  • Perceived as a point of contact (POC) for business and critical areas.

Responsibilities under the direction of Google Manager

Account planning

Develop strategies and tactics for creating account plans in collaboration with internal stakeholders and adjust plans as appropriate.

Build ad knowledge

Continuously build knowledge and stay current in the advertising environment and competitive landscape through required training and other resources, with the goal of becoming a thought leader.

Customer relationship growth

Serve as a strategic partner to one or more customers to build, grow, and maintain high impact and long-lasting relationships with customers by understanding the client???s opportunities and challenges. Share point of view on industry insights, consumer trends, and Google best practices to help strengthen and grow relationships.

Customer relationship management for AE/AM roles

Serve as a strategic partner to one or more customers to manage and analyse customer interactions and data to improve customer service relationships, assist in customer retention, and drive sales growth.

Joint business plan ownership

Create and own joint business plans for one or more customers based upon client business objectives to help create deeper relationships with key stakeholders, and ensure progress is being made against revenue goals.

Navigate Google for customers

Act as the first point of contact for one or more customers/agencies around all key areas (e.g., training, product enhancement, global/regional campaigns). Drive cross-functional effort to identify, escalate, and solve customer issues.

Network and communications

Develop a network with multiple functions locally. Help identify opportunities to collaborate internally to strengthen internal communication.

Opportunity sizing

Help identify revenue and growth opportunities within the market and customer. Effectively coordinate with internal stakeholders to determine and drive the sales, revenue growth, potential of opportunities, and marketing efficiency, as well as the incremental investment recommended to achieve customer business outcomes.


Help craft and deliver solutions to customers and agencies to achieve customer business objectives and drive revenue growth for Google.

¿A quién buscamos (H/M/D)?

Sales analytics interpretation

Draw interpretable insights from deep dives and data analysis, provide data-driven strategic and tactical recommendations to customers, partner teams, and leadership based on analyses and utilise insights to influence others and drive change

Sales strategy development

Help identify customer business objectives and set sales strategies for specific markets and customers in collaboration with internal partners (e.g., account managers, product specialists) based on research and understanding of the customer.

Share best practices and feedback

Drive sharing and scaling of successes, opportunities for improvement, best practices, and learnings internally and externally as appropriate (e.g., case studies, industry events, training contributions).


Consultative skills

Ability to understand stakeholder needs through dialogue before conducting analysis and making recommendations.

Customer conversations

Ability to utilise open, closed, and leading questioning techniques to understand underlying beliefs, motivations, and causes for behaviours, needs, and desires.

Customer research
Knowledge of the customer's organisation, industry, competition, and end-customers.

Data-driven analysis and reporting

Ability to combine technical and financial data to differentiate and position the value of Google products, services, and solutions to create competitive advantage.

Google sales tools

Knowledge of internal Google tools (e.g., dashboards, customer relationship management tools) that can help provide analysis and optimisation insights. This includes staying up to date on the latest tools and how they can add value or uncover new opportunities with customers.

Industry knowledge

Ability to analyse and apply industry, market, and organisational information to strategies and plans.

Operations management strategy

Ability to leverage standards-based business practices to ensure materials, equipment, and technology deliver efficient and effective business outcomes.

Opportunity and pipeline management

Ability to discover opportunities to deliver expanded customer value by effectively managing the pipeline throughout the entire sales/customer life-cycle.

Persuasion skills

Ability to gain commitment to a product, service, or idea from partners, customers, and stakeholders using data and appropriate communication or storytelling methods.

Sales acumen

Ability to use knowledge of the customer's buying cycle and competitor's offerings to position and drive the business to the next level.

Sales/partnership strategy and techniques

Ability to establish or adapt sales/partnership strategies by integrating and applying one's understanding of the customer, competitive intelligence, external trends, and data from lagging/leading metrics. This includes knowledge and application of basic sales/partnership concepts and techniques (e.g., discovery, qualifying individuals, relationship mapping, objection handling, up-selling, closing, outreach).

Situational leadership

Ability to interact confidently, clearly and respectfully with others, especially senior leaders of the organisation, to present/defend/clarify concerns or issues regarding an existing project, program or solution. This includes the ability to effectively address difficult questions, handle push-backs from a high-level audience, and maintain a professional demeanour while engaging in difficult or sometimes high-pressure situations.

Stakeholder management strategy

Ability to positively influence individuals in a customer's organisation who can help others make a conscious decision on the proposed product, service, or solution.

¿Cuáles son tus beneficios?

We offer 9 month project at a leading Digital company with a competitive salary, including a quarterly bonus

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